Home Staging – Must Do’s for a Quick Sale

Little things like setting the table, can make a big difference!

Little things like setting the table, can make a big difference!

Today we have a guest post by Doug Chapman regarding Home Staging.  We encourage you check out his website at www.homedaddys.com!

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to make sure that staging your home is the first and most important project on your list. If you home doesn’t look appealing, then it isn’t going to sell. Bottom line.

So in order to stage your home properly, you should look at the essential parts of the process to get the most bang for your buck. Here are some suggestions you should take into consideration when you are putting your house on the Denver market:

Clean The Yard and Front Porch

Since potential buyers will drive by and see the front of your home before anything else, it is important that you have the entire front yard and front porch cleaned up. This means to get rid of any excess junk in the yard – kids toys, spare tires, swing sets, etc. This also means you need to keep your grass cut and your hedges trimmed more than usual. Also, make sure that your front porch has limited outdoor patio furniture on it because you want it to look spacious and tidy. Feel free to put a hanging plant on the porch to make it have a welcoming feel to it as well.

Do All Patch-Up Work

Even though this might not be the task that you are most looking forward to, it is well worth it once you complete it. Make sure that all of those family pictures that you hung over time and all of the dents and scratches around the house are cleaned up and patched up. Potential buyers don’t want to see drilled holes all over the house to take the time to patch them up. You don’t necessarily have to re-paint the entire wall, but if you still have leftover paint it would be good touch up after you fill the hole. These is an inexpensive project, but think to yourself whether you would want to take a tour of your next home and see all of the little patch up work you need to accomplish before even settling in? Doesn’t sound intriguing to you, so put yourself in the potential buyers’ shoes and imagine what they are thinking.

Light The House

It is always imperative that you light your house as much as possible because not only does it look bigger when it is lit, but it also gives the feel of safety and security. This goes for both inside and outside. Have the front porch lights shining bright and also any lights along the driveway (not all house tours are in the daylight, remember!). Inside the house, make sure to leave the curtains open to allow the natural light to shine through. Also turn on any and every light possible so that you can show the potential buyer all of the good things your home has to offer.

Get Storage Unit

One of the most essential parts of buying a new home is the storage. Do the bedrooms have enough space for all of your clothes? Is there enough space in the basement to store extra boxes and knickknacks? These are important questions that potential buyers will ask themselves so you want to make your home have the look of being even bigger than it actually is. Getting a storage unit will do wonders for helping clean up the clutter. Put the extra end table in the unit. Clean up the space heater and also the kids toys that you haven’t used in months and store them in the unit as well. This will go a long way in helping make your home look bigger and show the potential buyer that you have taken good care of the house.


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